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Simple Improvements #004

This might be the most important tip yet: Let someone else press the shutter button occasionally, especially at family events.  If you do not, you’ll have years of family photos, but YOU will be missing.   The photog needs to be in the photos too!  Consider getting a fellow photog, or pay a professional, to [...]

Special Announcement: New Regular Schedule

Thought I would try out a different medium. Here is a short video to let our listeners of Rookie Designer Podcast and the new Rookie Photog Podcast know that we will now be releasing on a more regular schedule.

Photography Critiques – Be Cautious, Be Courteous.

We all share our photos online these days. Most sites like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, SmugMug, Instagram, etc. offer the ability to comment on others’ photos. These comments are often short, but prolific. Who are they from? Friends? Family? Strangers? Other Photogs? Be cautious These comments from everyone under the sun are often encouraging, usually [...]

4 Tips about Light for Outdoor Photography

Photography is all about light (and being lucky). You create your photograph by exposing the camera’s sensor to light. Your lens and the camera body work together to control the quantity and quality of light hitting the sensor (all based on the decisions and settings established by you, the photographer.) You absolutely must have light [...]