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Rookie Photog 8 – Why a SLR?

Jake and Pete discuss why someone who enjoys photography may consider stepping up to a SLR rather than a point and shoot camera.

Rookie Photog 7 – Progression as a Photographer

Jake and Pete talk about some of the ways they feel they have made progression as photographers. They also share some recommendations on how you can get better and progress as a photographer yourself.

Rookie Photog 6 – Be Adventurous

Jake talks about getting out of the familiar surrounding you normally shoot photos in and being a bit more adventurous to help improve your photography. Be adventurous, be safe and have fun! Finishing up with his Rookie Tip and Recommendation of the Week.

Rookie Photog 5 – Photoshop World DC 2012

Jake and Pete talk about their trip to DC for Photoshop World 2012, including an interview with owner of They talk about their favorite sessions, instructors and the expo floor. Finishing up with their Rookie Tips and Recommendations of the Week.

Rookie Photog 4 – Rule of Thirds

In episode 4 of Rookie Photog, Pete and Jake discuss their up coming trip to Photoshop World and the main topic of Rule of Thirds. Stick around for the Rookie Tips and their recommendations of the week.

Rookie Photog 3 – The Exposure Tripod

Pete and Jake have released their latest Rookie Photog Podcast #3. In this episode they talk about the importance of light for photography. Covering the three parts of exposure and how it relates to your camera.

Rookie Photog 2 – Point & Shoot versus DSLR

In episode 2 of Rookie Photog Podcast Pete and Jake talk about the difference between a point & shoot and a DSLR. They also discuss both free and pay photo editors that are available. The shows closes with a few Rookie tips and the recommendations of the week. You can find all the links mentioned in the show under the show notes for Rookie Photog 2.

Rookie Photog 1 – What is Rookie Photog?

Rookie Photog #1 – Show Notes Rookie – an individual new to a profession, hobby or sport Photog – slang; a Photographer, one who takes photographs, or the more literal greek translation one who writes (graphos) with light (photos). Introduction to Rookie Photog A little about the hosts: Pete and Jake. Rookie Tip – Memory [...]