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Welcome Android to Instagram

Android users are now on Instagram and join millions who already enjoy the fun. However, there has been a bunch of complaining in both the iOS and Android crowds. I think both crowds have kind of missed the point of Instagram and I thought I would share some thoughts on the subject.

Photoshop World DC 2012: Report Coming Soon!

Riding the train home from Photoshop World and I thought I would drop a quick update in a blog post. The weekend was jammed pack full of sessions and tons of other events. Look for a podcast report to be out real soon.

What I Learned at a Volleyball Tournament

Here are a few things I learned while capturing a volleyball tournament earlier this month. Sports photography is an awesome profession that I have a lot of respect for and after a day of capturing volleyball I have even more respect for them!

Live Tweets From Photoshop World

If you are interested in what two first time attendees of Photoshop World think… then follow our tweets under @Rookie_Photog. We will be sharing our thoughts throughout the conference on everything from the keynote to the sessions to all the other crazy things that are bound to happen.

Fun With Photo Assignments

It’s fun to wander the open road with your camera and just see what catches your eye but sometimes it is just as fun to give yourself a bit more direction. You can do this by giving yourself a photo assignment. This is a subject to go out and capture. The photo assignment can be many different things.

Lisa Bettany’s World Trip With an iPhone

Lisa Bettany has been on a whirl wind trip around the world and she is capturing it with just using an iPhone and her own app Camera+. This goes right along with lines of what Pete and I have been telling our readers and listeners… it’s not the camera that takes great photos, it is the photographer!

Long Awaited Flickr Update Coming

After being bought by Yahoo in 2005, on February 28th Flickr will be getting a rather significant update. Years went by without any move on the part of Yahoo to make improvements but now it looks like they are trying to build Flickr back up with some interesting updates to photo displaying and uploading.

Too Cool!

Here are two really cool photography gadgets that I would love to play with, but have absolutely no intention of ever buying:   The GIZON iCA for iPhone 4/4S This is one crazy iPhone case.  I love it.  The case snaps onto your iPhone and makes it look just like an old range finder camera! [...]

Photography Critiques – Be Cautious, Be Courteous.

We all share our photos online these days. Most sites like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, SmugMug, Instagram, etc. offer the ability to comment on others’ photos. These comments are often short, but prolific. Who are they from? Friends? Family? Strangers? Other Photogs? Be cautious These comments from everyone under the sun are often encouraging, usually [...]

4 Tips about Light for Outdoor Photography

Photography is all about light (and being lucky). You create your photograph by exposing the camera’s sensor to light. Your lens and the camera body work together to control the quantity and quality of light hitting the sensor (all based on the decisions and settings established by you, the photographer.) You absolutely must have light [...]

Rockin’ Base

I went digging back through some really old photos to find one of my favorites… ok this is by far my overall favorite to date. First thing I want our readers to know is that this was captured with a point and shoot. No fancy DSLR, no fancy lenses! That is why I wanted to [...]

Camera Envy

I hope everyone enjoyed Podcast Episode #1 of Rookie Photog. If you didn’t get a chance to listen, it’s only 20 minutes and a quick download. You can listen here at or subscribe on iTunes here. To continue some thoughts Jake and I shared in the podcast, let’s talk Camera Envy – Everyone and [...]

Meet the Hosts: Jake Van Ness

Hi I am Jake! You may or may not know me as one of the co-hosts of our sister blog and podcast, Rookie Designer. I am a full time independent graphic designer at Prepressology and I have a passion for photography. As a designer I know how important it is to find other areas to [...]

Meet the Hosts: Pete Van Ness

A little about me, Pete, the older and better looking photog of RookiePhotog cast. I take photos for fun. I enjoy the challenge and the social aspect of photography. I’ve never sold a photograph, but I’ve framed a few! (i.e. I’m an amateur) For me, photography is a hobby, a passion, and much better than [...]