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I'm an amateur photog who enjoys the challenge and social aspects of photography. I've never sold a photograph, but I've framed a few! For me, photography is a hobby, a passion, and much better than playing golf. Time to practice and grow as photographer!

Simple Improvements #021 – No Blinking

Catch your subject with their eyes open. Here’s  quick and simple tip to help ensure you catch your subject with their eyes open: Have the person or persons you are photographing close their eyes and tell them to open their eyes (and smile) on the count of three.  Count 1…2…3!  Give them just a fraction [...]

Simple Improvements #020 – Portrait Tips

Three quick tips for shooting better portraits, and creating photos with more impact: (Some of this post is a review of earlier tips, but it never hurts to hear a suggestion more than once.) First, keep the rule of thirds in mind and focus on the subject’s eye. You definitely want a person’s eye, or [...]

Simple Improvements #019 – It’s not always about “the shot”

It’s not always about “the shot”. Well, sometimes photography is more about the process than the end result.  At least, that’s my story from yesterday evening.  I went on a photo walk with friends from my local photography club here in Kodiak, AK.  We have over 100 folks in the Facebook Group for our photography [...]

Simple Improvements #018 – Texture and Color

Texture and Color Sometimes textures and colors can be your subject. Jake talked about giving yourself a photo assignment back in February. Go out and look for unusual textures and colors.  They can make for some fun and interesting photos.

Simple Improvements #017 – Sunburst

A quick tip on getting that cool sunburst look – If you want to get that cool sunburst look in your photos, set your aperture to a very high number like f/22.  If you remember our discussion about aperture, you’ll remember that f/22 is a very small opening.  A small aperture means you’ll need to [...]

Simple Improvements #016 – That Histogram Thingy

So what the heck is this Histogram thing my camera shows me? Very simply, it is a mathematical graph representing the exposure of your photograph.  The horizontal axis of the graph represents the brightness level; pure black on the left and pure white on the far right.  The vertical axis represents the number of pixels [...]

Simple Improvements #012 – Children’s Portraits

5 Tips for Kids’ Portraits Candid shots are great and are the type of photo most of us take day to day, but great and memorable photos of your children often come from a professional sitting. It could be at the mall photo grind house, it could be at the local studio, or it could [...]

Simple Improvements #011 – Memories

This one is simple and to the point – If you’re the photographer of the family, or among your friends, make a conscious effort to take at least one good, simple, but well composed portrait of each family member or each friend every year.  What are photos for if not to remember the people we [...]

Simple Improvements #010 – Panoramic Photos

If you’ve never shot a panoramic photo, give it a try!   The basic concept is simple: Pick a beautiful landscape and take photos from left to right (or right to left).  Over lap the previous photo by about a third of the frame. There are a whole bunch of post processing software applications available [...]

Simple Improvements #009 – Flash

Counterintuitive Flash If you don’t know how to manually turn your flash on and off, pull out your camera manual now, look up “flash” in the index, and figure it out.  If you have a section in your manual about “fill flash“, read that too! Hey, did you download your electronic manual?  If you did, [...]

Simple Improvements #008

We here at Rookie Photog are all about reading, referring to and using our manuals. We get the book when we get our camera but how about finding that electronic copy to make it easier to carry around with us? They are out there!

Simple Improvements #007

A series of Rookie Photog Blog Posts called “Simple Improvements”. Each post touches on quick tips to help you create better photos. Take a photography class.

Simple Improvements #006

A series of Rookie Photog Blog Posts called “Simple Improvements”. Each post touches on quick tips to help you create better photos. Always shoot in color.

Simple Improvements #005

Objects vs People.   Objects – Get closer! Even closer! Make it interesting, change the perspective. People – Back up! Shoot portraits from afar, stand back and zoom in.   Always, always, always take the first shot that appeals to you. In many cases, regardless of rules, guidelines and artistic best practices, this will be [...]

Simple Improvements #004

This might be the most important tip yet: Let someone else press the shutter button occasionally, especially at family events.  If you do not, you’ll have years of family photos, but YOU will be missing.   The photog needs to be in the photos too!  Consider getting a fellow photog, or pay a professional, to [...]