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Welcome Android to Instagram

Welcome Android To Instagram

Earlier this week Instagram was announced for the Android platform and it has gotten some rather mixed reviews. However it didn’t stop 1 million downloads from happening in the first 24 hours. Part of that could be contributed to the long wait Android users have had for Instagram to come to their platform. Released at the end of 2010 for iPhone 4, that means they have had to wait 18 months for the release and in the technology world that is a very long time. I say we open up the door and greet these new users… Welcome Adroid users to Instagram!

There has been a lot of buzz about how iOS users are all upset that Instagram has come to the Android platform and how it should have been kept just for iOS. Really?! Did you really think they were going to make it an exclusive iOS app? Come on! That would have been a short sited and rather unintelligent thing for them to do. While the camera in the iPhone has gotten better with each release, there are already some spectacular phone cameras out there with the Android platform. Personally, I don’t get why iOS users (and I am one myself) are so upset about bringing even more people into the Instagram community. If you thought it was going to always stay just an iOS app then I guess you are disappointed but in a few months you’ll forget all about it and be enjoying all the new snap shots showing up in your feed.

That brings me to my next point. Instagram to me is about sharing snap shots and it is not about spectacular photos. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of amazing photographers and photos that come up in my feed but the majority of them are not anything I would really consider hanging on my wall. It’s more about sharing a moment and creating conversation around that snap shot. It’s about sharing a trip you are on, a really awesome restaurant you are trying out for the first time or how beautiful nature is around you. To me Instagram is more about sharing and the community rather than cutting edge photography.

Matel LED Soccer App

Instagram was how I shared this crazy moment Pete and I enjoyed a game of LED Soccer on his iPad.

While there are some interesting filters with in Instagram, there are way better apps out there for editing your snap shots on your phone or tablet. I won’t go into them here, as we have covered a few of them in our podcast episodes and I am sure we will cover more down the road. Instagram has focused more on the ability to share your snap shots rather than spending a lot of time on editing capabilities. They have obviously locked on to something that is working really well and they don’t need to change their game. I talk about this because just as iOS users have complained about the Android getting Instagram, many Android users seem to be critical of the Instagram UI and it’s filters. To me these people really are missing the point of Instagram and that’s a real shame. Stop whining about the UI and the filters and just enjoy the ability to share instantly with your friends and browse through tons of amazing snap shots. Stop thinking that Instagram is going to change to be anything other than what it was meant for and editing your snap shots is not it!

It’s not often I rant in a blog post but as the week went on and I saw more and more articles about how iOS users are ticked off Android is now in their playground or how Android users are calling Instagram crap, it just got to me because I really think both parties are missing the point of Instagram. Of course this is only a small fraction of the millions of users on Instagram. I, for one, welcome Android users to Instagram and I look forward to seeing snap shots from my friends who are not on iOS devices. It has been a big chunk of mobile users who haven’t been part of the fun. Welcome and get out there taking snap shots to share!

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The Author of this post is Jake Van Ness

Jake is a Graphic Designer and Design Consultant at Prepressology, as well as an avid photographer living in the beautiful Adirondacks of Upstate New York. Learning in the trenches with fellow photographers trying to capture the most compelling photos.

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