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Simple Improvements #014 – Get Down To Their Level

I thought I would build a little bit on Pete’s Simple Improvement #12 – Children’s Portraits and talk about shooting at their level. One of the 5 items Pete talked about was focusing on their eyes. One of the ways to do this, especially with small children is to get down at their level. If they are on the ground playing, don’t be afraid to kneel or even lay down to take the photos. Shooting at their level or even up a bit can give you a much more intimate photo.

This is true of pets as well. Get down on the ground with them and get those eyes in focus. Also with both pets and very small children don’t be afraid to put them up on a table. This is why you will see a lot of photo studios have their tables set up for posing children. It is so they can have their camera on a tripod and still be close to eye level with them. Bringing the subject up to them.

So today’s Simple Improvements is to get down on the ground, at their level, when shooting children and pets to get those eyes nice and sharp. This new perspective will take your photos to a new level and really change how you capture these subjects.


The Author of this post is Jake Van Ness

Jake is a Graphic Designer and Design Consultant at Prepressology, as well as an avid photographer living in the beautiful Adirondacks of Upstate New York. Learning in the trenches with fellow photographers trying to capture the most compelling photos.

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