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Simple Improvements #011 – Memories

This one is simple and to the point -

If you’re the photographer of the family, or among your friends, make a conscious effort to take at least one good, simple, but well composed portrait of each family member or each friend every year.  What are photos for if not to remember the people we love so much and most admire?  Jake and I lost our Grandfather on Sunday afternoon. He was a wonderful grandfather, loved his family, and was just an incredibly interesting and fun man always full of stories.  I’m fortunate enough to have a few snapshots of him with my daughters, and a recent photo of he and I.  None are worthy of an award, but they are all the more precious to me, and my family now that he’s gone.


James Stahlnecker

James Stahlnecker

The Author of this post is Pete Van Ness

I'm an amateur photog who enjoys the challenge and social aspects of photography. I've never sold a photograph, but I've framed a few! For me, photography is a hobby, a passion, and much better than playing golf. Time to practice and grow as photographer!

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